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What is Timestripe

Timestripe is the one space where you manage all your life and business goals. It’s a wide-purpose productivity app with a Beautiful Calendar, Collaborative Boards, and a Powerful Note-taking Experience.

There are three things you should know about Timestripe:

  1. Timestripe is an innovative goal manager, not yet another to-do app. It has a visual Calendar with multiple planning layouts which distinguishes it from others.

  2. The power of Timestipe is based on the long-tern planning and the small steps strategy. Timestripe contains tons of features will smoothly teach you how to win big in your life.

  3. The mission of Timestripe is to help you have a clear vision and focus on things that are crucial to you. No more bullshitting with planners, from now on you're the boss of your time.

We believe that the best way to achieve great goals is to build strong habits using a small steps strategy.

Timestripe helps people who value their time to be productive and achieve more. Unlike other task managers, it focuses on time and has a great variety of innovative planning layouts.

Why to subscribe

Timestripe Journal is a newsletter about managing your life and achieving great goals with a small steps strategy. Here we are going to share techniques and ideas that will help you succeed in achieving your goals without:

  • FOMO and burning out

  • feeling guilty for not being efficient enough,

  • and over-committing as it’s the main source of stress and time anxiety in life.

We’re going to send updates sporadically, but at least a month. Subscribe to stay tuned!

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